She's not playing with a full deck!

         Lay Your Cards on the Table: 52 Ways to Stack Your
Deck + 32 Card Deck


Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D.


Dear Friend,

Yeah for Springtime!  Spring into action today!

My third book, Lay Your Cards on the Table: 52 Ways to Stack Your Personal Deck gives you diverse practical ways to simplify and survive life with a smile. 

Now I'm excited to tell you it's bundled with a deck of 32 cards (not a full deck) of the best readings from my book.   You can take the book and/or the deck (or any one of the cards) with you.  Post it on your fridge or at your workstation, put one in your pocket or purse, or give one to a co-worker, friend, or relative.  And these make great gifts. 

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On page 15 is a Mind Clearing Meeting--offload what's on your mind so you're present to your responsibilities.

On page 41 is S.O.D.A. Anyone?--no it's not a drink.  It's a way to time manage and organize yourself.

On page 47 is Your Bank Called Time—a wake-up call to the value of your time.

On Page 53 is Balancing Act--balance your work life and personal life.

On Page 77 is a story about Life--Your life is not a coincidence.  It's a reflection of you.

On page 83 is Reframing Upset—questions to ask yourself to shift your perception.

On page 91 one of my favorites  Fear of Transformation—about you and change.


All readings fall into 4 categories:

Work Life

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You have options on how to use this book. 

You can open it at random and use whatever you find as a daily mantra.

You can choose a particular topic and go to that topic. 

You could choose a category and go to that category.

You can begin on page 1 and continue to the end.

You can pick one of the cards in the deck that accompanies the book and put it in your pocket and refer to it throughout the day.  Or, you can hand it out to someone who you think needs it more than you.

Here's what people are saying:  "D’Ausilio,  known as ‘the champion of the human,’ uses unique, pithy, and out-of-the-ordinary observations, to inspire, provoke, calm, and recharge in a world that continues to move faster and change daily. Many of the author’s stories are accompanied by intriguing and expansive graphics and photos allowing for a bit of meditation."

Marvelous.  Fabulous.  What great stories/ideas.  It's dynamite in a box! No, I mean in a book.  No I mean in a deck.  Reading and applying these principles will change your life . . . forever.

John C. Dealey - International Master-Mind Expert,  Self Made Millionaire at 27, Author

I opened up to Jerry's
and now understand the value of your new book.  Then I cut the deck of cards and Mind Clearing Meetings was on top.  These are my first thoughts on how my deck is stacked up.  Thanks for being such an inspiration.

Paul Young,DTM  District 53 Governor
Toastmasters International

My previous two books (Wake Up Your Call Center: Humanize Your Interaction Hub (4th ed) and Customer Service and The Human Experience dealt with the human aspects of one of the more stressful and demanding areas of business – the call center industry.   But in today's world, stress is rampant everywhere.                      Click here [Buy Now]    $22.97 and put SPRING in the Coupon box.

"This is a great collection of perspectives, lost arts, reminders and ticklers that get us back on the track of productivity, leverage and joy.  The examples, connections, combinations and doses of accurate thinking make this an especially powerful source of inspiration for the fully engaged individual, and a super jump-start for a mind that may have been recently underutilized.  For those who invest themselves even a little bit in this material, there is gold just a few inches deep.  Thank you, Rosanne D'Ausilio, for this contribution to the toolkit of human re-engineering."   

Kent Walters, President Self Improvement and Personal Productivity Institute http://www.self-improvement-info.com

My latest work takes some lessons learned in the last 20 years and adds inspiration to create a work that gives one a hand to deal with tenuous times.     

What else are people saying about this book and deck?

Thanks for writing this book and creating the deck of cards.  Brilliant.  I loved the part about the bamboo tree.  Quite a story of persistence. I also liked the passage on what time means. Keep it up. Because of the way you put this book together I can read and remember some things that will make an imprint on my life.

Aron Wallad Oakland, NJ

If you are looking for success and motivation then this is a must read right now. You'll find golden nuggets of information you’re looking for all throughout this amazing book!"

Matt Bacak, The Powerful Promoter,   Atlanta, GA

This book is such a treasure.  I found it packed with funny, creative stories that I will be using in my classes. Thanks for the pieces of valuable information and positive intentions.

Sifu Carol Martoccia, Tai Chi Instructor 

Lay Your Cards on the Table" is a "must have" for everyone.  No matter where you are in life, you will find a chapter in this book that's perfect for you, whether you need a laugh or are looking for insight to a problem.  Get this valuable resource today! 

Jennifer Rivard, Owner
You Are Enough Success Enterprises, LLC

Your book is a great, light read in a sea of heavy reading, hard hitting books. I will be passing on your acronym SPACE to several people I know that can use it!! Your stories are a quick read individually and yet all fit so well together. This is a book people should not pass on! It makes a great gift for both family and business associates in my life.

Chris Howard, FantasySportsElite.com

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If you have any questions, contact me at rosanne@human-technologies.com or 845/222-2455 fax 928/223-6165

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